Tbilisi 2017: Ukrainian Reflections


Ukrainian delegation at the 86th International Session of European Youth Parliament, Georgia, Tbilisi


November 2017 was marked by a new international session of European Youth Parliament that took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, which became the 86th IS in EYP’s history. Apart from the magnificent location, the session was highlighted by awesome atmosphere and truly important topics. Fortunately, Ukrainian delegation largely contributed to the session and proved efficient. Great to know that this time EYP Ukraine was presented by 9 delegates, 3 organizers and 2 chairs. For almost all Ukrainian delegates it was the first international session in their lives...

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Why do i Chair in EYP?


Hello-hello! For many people, the concept of EYP has been one-sided for a long time. You’ve enjoyed the participation in EYP events as a Delegate but there’s a whole world. Chairing is a unique experience, a vital part of EYP as a learning platform. Being a chairperson is a responsibility before delegates and an opportunity for personal growth.

We’ve asked a few EYPers with varied level of experience, what is chairing to them and what it broight to their lives.

Meet Mariam

Credits to Patricia Azevedo

I truly enjoyed my experience as a delegate of various EYP events, yet it was during my first time as a Chairperson, when I realized how complex and challenging it is to lead a group of people into the world of EYP and ensuring the best experience for them...

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What is a Department and should you join it?


Hello! If you’re reading this, the call for Members of Departments 2017-18 has been officially opened.
Your first reaction might be: “What is a Department” and “What does it have to do with EYP Ukraine”?

You see, EYP Ukraine as an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has a democratic structure that allows for distributed and balanced work to be conveyed – we have a President, the Auditing Committee, Secretary of the Board, Project Coordinator and The Board (with 5 Members). 

Some Board Members have a wide range of responsibilities and are willing to acquire volunteers to make sure the organizationion is up and running and does its best to achieve its goals, such as: spread democracy, empower youth. In short – organize events, like Sessions or Weekends or Training...

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EYP Ukraine Board and Auditing Committee elections 2017 (Board 2017-18)

21745042_10210006258093577_158898327_o copy


We are glad to present you the result of the elections for the Board and Auditing Committee that will start their term on November 1, 2017 and finish it on October 31, 2018.


Board 2017-18:

Secretary of the BoardMaxim Fritsak

Board Member on Finance: Anastasia Samliukova

Board Member on Public Relations: Nick Storchay

Board Member on International Activities: Dzvenyslava Koman

Board Member on Regional Development: Khrystyna Myhasiuk

Board Member on Human Resources: Lesya Pohorila

Project Coordinator: Oleksandr Polishchuk

President: Valeriia Nikitenko

Auditing Committee 2017-18:

Head of the Auditing Committee: Mariam Kunchuliya

Member of the Auditing Committee: Sophia Bilenko

Member of the Auditing Committee: Mykhailo Komarov


To remind, this year elections had the following timeline:

Call for a...

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Call for Delegates to Kharkiv 11th National Selection Conference 2017!

Time to join the European Youth Parliament Ukraine! We are officially announcing the Call for Delegates to Kharkiv 11th National Selection Conference 2017!

Are you a part of active youth, or do you want to be one? Maybe you desire to find new and interesting abilities to add valuable experience to your CV? Or increase your knowledge of politics, make new friends and join one of the world’s oldest, largest and most respected youth organisations in Europe? Apply as a Delegate and become a part of this marvellous experience! EYP Ukraine will bring together delegations from all around Europe to create the best memories together with young Europeans! If you are from Ukraine or any other EU country and aged between 15 to 25 years old, you have an amazing opportunity to represent your country in t...

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Call for Organisers of 2nd Training Camp of EYP Ukraine 2017!

The time has come and now it is our great pleasure to launch a call for the Organisers of the 2nd Training Camp of EYP Ukraine 2017! If you want to increase your level of organising skills, if you’re creative and ambitious youth, it’s your great opportunity to become a part of our team and join amazing Head-Organisers Anna Savchenko and Anastasiia Samliukova!

Please, check out our TC vision and fill the form bellow. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us here: training.camp2017@eyp-ua.org

Join our team and grow together!

WHEN: 9 -13 of August, 2017
WHERE: Carpathians, Ukraine
VISION OF TC: http://bit.ly/2qKNJBh
APPLICATION FORM: http://bit.ly/2pcM9qR
DEADLINE: May 14th, 2017, 23:59

deadline extended (2)

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Delegation of Ukraine has returned from V University Forum of European Youth Parliament Estonia

What? V University Forum of European Youth Parliament Estonia

When? 19th until the 23rd of April 2017

Where? Tallinn, Estonia

Who? Vladyslava Aleksenko, Sophia Bilenko, Khrystyna Myhasiuk, Darina Kulaga, Sofiia Shovkun, Lesia Pogorila, Anastasiya Popova, Olya Budinskaya and Maria Fedoruk.


From the 19th until the 23rd of April 2017 a beautiful city Tallinn hosted the V University Forum of European Youth Parliament Estonia. This event gathered around 150 participants from all around Europe and we’re pleased to announce, that Ukrainian delegation was comprised of five delegates – Vladyslava Aleksenko, Sophia Bilenko, Khrystyna Myhasiuk, Darina Kulaga, Sofiia Shovkun...

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EYP Ukraine is grateful to the company “Coca-Cola Ukraine” for their great support!

European Youth Parliament Ukraine grateful for the support “The Coca-Cola Company Ukraine” in conducting of the Regional Conferences! Our members enjoyed healthy and delicious drinks that are so essential during a heated debate. We are delighted to cooperate with “Coca-Cola Ukraine” and appreciated their contribution to the youth development! Open happiness with “Coca-Cola” and EYP Ukraine!

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Workshop in Munich on Media Literacy

Experts in the field of education discussed the opportunities and risks of social media for the personal communication and considered its impact on the yoгth during the conceptual workshop in Munich, on May 15-16. 

Today, the social media has a huge influence on our lives, particularly, on our perception of things. There is a great threat today coming from the fake news, that become more popular and widespread. Though young people spend a lot of time on the social networks, the majority of them is unable to distinguish fake news and from the real ones...

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How it feels like – to experience EYP for the first time

The Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine ended two weeks ago, and we are finally able to digest the information and the experience we’ve been through. For this, we have asked delegates, who participated in EYP Ukraine sessions for the first time, to share their experience with us. Here is what they had to say. 

Oksana Pylypiuk, Delegate to Vinnytsia, Odesa and Kyiv Regional Sessions: 

“Every person, who has been to any EYP session has their own story about how they found out what EYP is. Well, for me it was pretty simple. I heard about the first regional session of 2017 coming up from one of the organizers and, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be something very special that I desire to do later on. I was simply curious and desperate to skip couple more days of school...

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