EYP Ukraine Elections 2016 – Manifesto Booklet


Dear EYPers!
We are thrilled to present you applicants for the Board 2016/2017! The young and dynamic have compiled their ideas on the further development of EYP-Ukraine in their manifestor.
We invite you to read the manifestors in the booklet: http://bit.ly/2d8Zcom
This week we will also launch online debates. Meaning once you see a picture of a candidate you are welcome to ask her/him a question on their program. Debates in person, once again will take place in Kyiv on September 24 from 13:30 to 19:00

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Elections for the Board of EYP-Ukraine in 2016/2017

Today we are aunching the Elections for the Board of EYP-Ukraine in 2016/2017. 
We are looking for 5 Board members, a Secretary of the Board and a President to start their term on November 1, 2016 for one year.
Passionate youngsters willing to change the world, we are looking eactly for you to lead the organisation! Take a moment and think what are you truly passionate about or what you want to learn in depth. Is public relations? or maybe human resources? or you know how to best organise the international activities or dig for finance? 
Here, check out the porfolios to learn more about each position!
And here is the application you should fill in and submit it by September 14, 2016
Later on manifestos will be out on our communications platform and the candidates for a week wi...
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Elections Timeline


Elections of the Board and Auditing Committee of EYP-Ukraine. It should be noted, that the term of the Board is now slightly shifted so as to allow better planning for the new Board. The call will be opened for 7 members of the Board (including President and Secretary) and 3 members of Auditing Committee (2 members and a head of the body). We will send out the updated profiles for each position on the day of the call.

Call opened September 9, 2016
Call closed September 16, 2016
Manifestos layouted and out on all platforms for online debate September 17, 2016
Offline debate September 24, 2016
E-Voting opened September 24, 2016
E-voting closed October 1, 2016
Results out – October 2, 2016

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Call for UE Coordinator


Call for the Coordinator of Understanding Europe project by EYP Ukraine
IDEA: while being politically impartial, our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to become open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.
BASE: interactive, four-hour seminars in schools.
AIMS: to inform young people about the decision-making process in Europe, making this process visible and tangible; to give pupils a basic understanding of European politics, engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and at encouraging them to become active.

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Aftermath Training Camp


During the 24th till 28th of August for the first time in EYP Ukraine history an International Training – EYP Ukraine Training Camp was held in the picturesque region of Carpathian Mountains. This event is a part of #BASES project and was organized in order to empower EYPers with new skills in Media, Project and Team management.
During these four days participants had a chance to learn different techniques of chairing and go in depth of team management under the supervision of the head trainer Christian Macht and trainers Olha Shvets and Niks Bērziņš.
The Project management stream was focused on modules like fundraising, crisis management, team coordination trained by head trainer Halyna Virt, and trainers Shukur Guliyev and Natalia Senatorova.
The Media Course was held by head trainer F...

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(Українська) Пост-реліз НВК в Дніпрі


Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian.

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Post-relise of Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine 2016


Exactly one month ago, on March 30, 2016 Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine kicked off in Cherkasy, followed by Volyn, Sumy and Zatoka.

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Ukrainian project manager for International Sessions at the International Office of EYP


We are so glad to share with you this wonderful news – an active EYPer from Ukraine, President of EYP Ukraine in 2012 and 2013 – Anya Suprunenko is selected to be the project manager for International Sessions at the International Office of EYP in Berlin!

Anya our most sincere congratulations and best of professional successes in your new job!

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Post-relise of Zatoka RS


European Youth Parliament opens new opportunities for young people in Odesa region

21-24 April 2016  Zatoka held a three-day youth conference of the European Youth Parliament.

About 100 delegates from Cherkasy, ​​Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Mykolaiv regions and from Armenia for three days at the hotel “Eden” engaged in resolving problems regarding Ukrainian integration into the European Union, the terrorist threat from ISIS, alternative energy sources and gender inequality in society.

Besides Ukra...

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Post-relise of Sumy RS


In Sumy a Regional Session of  European Youth Parliament was held.

As part of the Spring Regional Sessions in Ukraine 15 – 17 April, 2016, Sumy held a three-day youth conference of the European Youth Parliament.

Until that days, European Youth Parliament held only weekends, two-day event, but this year started a three-day Regional sessions, widespread in Europe.

35 del...

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