23rd IWCK Charity Bazaar

On December, 5 a group of EYP – Ukraine members has participated as volunteers in the IWCK Charity Bazaar, assisting the core team and gaining new experience with event organising.

The tasks given to them varied from ticket sales  to participants support and constant rotation gave the opportunity to experience different aspects of being in the organising team and working in a diverse environment. 
Bazaar is a charity fair, which International Women’s Club Kyiv has been organising annually since 1992 on the first weekend of December. The event aims at raising money for institutions working with orphans, elderly people, disabled kids and other vulnerable groups all over Ukraine. It also gives people an opportunity to get to know cultures of other countries by involving 40 Ukraine-based embassies, which represented their traditional products as well as national cultural activities during the fair.
Photo from official Facebook page of the event.