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We aim to inspire and empower young Ukrainians to become open-minded, tolerant and active citizens of Europe. We achieve that through Sessions.

We create active citizens.

EYP Ukraine is a non-partisan organisation, and a forum for open-minded dialogue. We are young people organising events for young people. We aim to establish opportunities for cultural exchange between young Ukrainians and European youth from other countries.

Our core aim – to increase engagement and awareness of European issues and Ukraine’s integration amongst Ukrainian youth. Our mission is ‘to inspire and support youth in exploring their role in a democratic society through debate and intercultural dialogue’. These words direct everything we do, and entwine all our events. In cooperation with our 40 sister organisations across Europe, EYP Ukraine is open to hundreds of young people year after year.

At our events, the bright-minded young individuals are able to experience unprejudiced debates, exchange culture and discuss topics related to the future of Ukraine within European context with their peers.

Our team


Lera Nikitenko



Khrystyna Myhasiuk

Vice President
on Regional Development


Nick Storchay

Vice President on PR


Oleksandr Polishchuk

Project Coordinator


Lesia Pohorila

Board Member on HR


Anastasiia Tokar

Interim Board Member on Finance


Dzvenyslava Koman

Board Member on International Affairs


Maksym Fritsak



How can i get involved?

A detailed instruction will be posted later this month

When is the next event

Chernihiv NSC will take place on 10-14th July

How can i attain membership?

Use this instruction

Am i old enough to participate?

We recommend applying to our events young people 13 years old and up