Alumni Weekend 2015

Alumni Weekend of EYP – Ukraine took place on the 26-27 of December, 2015, having gathered around 25 new and experienced members of the organization. During the weekend participants summarized saturated and full of impressions the year 2015 and shared their new brave plans of organizational activities for the year 2016.

Over these two days 25 participants have sat down to discuss:


• Strategy for EYP-Ukraine with Ksenia Choni and Kristina Chelmakina; 

• Structural essentials of EYP-Ukraine and motivation of the members with Tetiana Korniichuk; 

• Regional Development development and Regional Boards with Liza Skorobreshchuk and Mike Rozhkov; 

• Policy book and policy making with Kristina Chelmakina

• Learning and personal growth with Valeria Boyko. 


Every participant had the opportunity to express his or her thoughts and suggestions regarding the planning of organizational future activities in the year 2016, share own impressions from the year 2015 and wish each other Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!