Board and Auditing Committee 2016

Dear friends, partners and members,
We would like to announce that Board and Auditing Committee of EYP-Ukraine for the 2016 year was elected recently.

Hopefully, the new management will implement great ideas and will administer our organization with their passion, hard work, enthusiasm and creativity. We would like to wish them success in their future endeavors as there are many new projects and initiatives awaiting in the upcoming year.

Board of EYP Ukraine 2016:

President – Sherbaz Ahmed

Board Member on Public Relations – Olga Budinskaya

Board Member on International Activities – Natalia Senatorova

Board Member on Regional Development – Liza Skorobreshchuk

Board Member on Finance – Alona Dakhnenko

Board Member on Human Resources – Valeria Yudina
Secretary – Oleksandr Syrota

Auditing Committee of EYP Ukraine 2016:

Head of the Auditing Committee- Kristina Chelmakina

Member of the Auditing Committee – Michael Shekhtman (Rozhkov)

Member of the Auditing Committee – Vasyl Babych