Call for UE Coordinator

Call for the Coordinator of Understanding Europe project by EYP Ukraine
IDEA: while being politically impartial, our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to become open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.
BASE: interactive, four-hour seminars in schools.
AIMS: to inform young people about the decision-making process in Europe, making this process visible and tangible; to give pupils a basic understanding of European politics, engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and at encouraging them to become active.
This project was initiated by the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung, the EYP’s international umbrella organisation since 2004, and together we have built up a network of young voluntary peer trainers. Currently, the project is being implemented in 16 countries including Ukraine.
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Each team contains of trainers who hold the courses in schools and the coordinator who coordinates everything concerning the project in the country: trainers, courses etc. Coordinator’s term is September-May of each year(an academic school year).
In a nutshell you will have to:
– manage team of trainers
– reach out schools
– plan courses in schools
– keep courses implementation under control
– go for a training in Berlin in February(all covered)
deeper knowledge on EU affairs and institutions
project management skills
voluntary work with one of the biggest international youth organisations in Europe.
Application form:
DEADLINE: 11th of September, 23:59 EEST