Delegation of Ukraine has returned from V University Forum of European Youth Parliament Estonia

What? V University Forum of European Youth Parliament Estonia

When? 19th until the 23rd of April 2017

Where? Tallinn, Estonia

Who? Vladyslava Aleksenko, Sophia Bilenko, Khrystyna Myhasiuk, Darina Kulaga, Sofiia Shovkun, Lesia Pogorila, Anastasiya Popova, Olya Budinskaya and Maria Fedoruk.


From the 19th until the 23rd of April 2017 a beautiful city Tallinn hosted the V University Forum of European Youth Parliament Estonia. This event gathered around 150 participants from all around Europe and we’re pleased to announce, that Ukrainian delegation was comprised of five delegates – Vladyslava Aleksenko, Sophia Bilenko, Khrystyna Myhasiuk, Darina Kulaga, Sofiia Shovkun. Furthermore, Lesia Pogorila and Anastasiya Popova, members of EYP-Ukraine, attended this forum in the role of Organisers of the event, while Olya Budinskaya and Maria Fedoruk as a Chairpersons of Committees. And now they are pleased to share with us the brightest impression from this experience!

The V University Forum of EYP Estonia was focused on economic problems that Europe is currently facing. Therefore, the overall theme of the Forum was «Shaping our Future – Shaping the Economy». Following the results of preliminary selection, all of the delegates were divided into eight committees, where they have formulated draft resolutions on the special themes of the forum about the process of «Brexit», regulation of the collaborative economy, «Panama papers» leak etc. The programme of the Forum included all of the classical parts of an EYP event: Teambuilding Activities, the Opening Ceremony, Committee Work, General Assembly and Cultural Event. Next to these events, the Forum has included lectures, which was opened to the public.

On the first day, the delegates started their integration in the forum by participating in the team building activities in one of the most beautiful places in Tallinn – Town Hall Square. All participants enjoyed the various games, provided by the Officials Team of the forum. The games and different activities were organised to help the participants to know each member of their committee along with the chairperson. The entire process was very productive, full of laughs and smiles.

The second day of V University Forum of EYP Estonia started off with the Opening Ceremony, which took place in the St. Nicholas’ Church. The speeches were delivered by the head organisers Annemari Sepp and Elina Udekjul, Editor Ilvija Mezina and the President of V University Forum of EYP Estonia Lewin Schmitt. The guest speakers were James D. Melville, Jr. – U.S. Ambassador to Estonia and Kaja Kallas – Estonian Member of the European Parliament. They delivered very influential, motivational and interesting speeches for the participants. After Opening Ceremony, in the Tallinn University of Technology, delegates of the forum finished up teambuilding and started a fruitful discussion of the topics at the stance. In the evening, the participants of the forum engaged in the Panel Discussion covering the topic of shared economy and organised by the NGO «Tegusad Eesti Noored». The panel was moderated by Lewin Schmitt, who was joined by the panellists: Martin Villing from «Taxify»; Katre Eljas-Taal from the «Technopolis Group»; Hannes Lents from the «Estonian Sharing Economy Alliance»; Lot Linnupõld from «Crowdestate».

On day 3, the participants of the forum enjoyed heated discussions. The committees were also joined by experts who provided insights on the respective topics. At the «Lobby Night» participants presented and discussed their preliminary results within resolutions with other committees. After scrutinising the proposals, several participants delivered amendment pitches and the respective committees were able to consider the changes during the next day of committee work, where the participants of the forum concluded the topic discussions and prepared for the General Assembly.

The last day of the forum was the day of the General Assembly, which was held at The National Library of Estonia. The delegates showed a lot of enthusiasm and made enormous efforts in defending their resolutions, as well as questioning and commenting on the others. The General Assembly was followed by the Closing Ceremony, which was very sad since it meant that V University Forum of EYP Estonia was officially closed.

European Youth Parliament Ukraine wants to thank the participants of V University Forum of EYP Estonia for their huge work and dedication, and we are very much looking forward to seeing them somewhere in the Europe again!