Elections for the Board of EYP-Ukraine in 2016/2017

Today we are aunching the Elections for the Board of EYP-Ukraine in 2016/2017. 
We are looking for 5 Board members, a Secretary of the Board and a President to start their term on November 1, 2016 for one year.
Passionate youngsters willing to change the world, we are looking eactly for you to lead the organisation! Take a moment and think what are you truly passionate about or what you want to learn in depth. Is public relations? or maybe human resources? or you know how to best organise the international activities or dig for finance? 
Here, check out the porfolios to learn more about each position!
And here is the application you should fill in and submit it by September 14, 2016
Later on manifestos will be out on our communications platform and the candidates for a week will be asked to answer questions on their applications online. To finish it all off, we will hold an offline debate in Kyiv on September 24, 2016 and then launch online voting for one week. All the current members will receive voting instructions.
The Elections Body will be in charge of coordinating the elections process. The Body will consist of current [active] members of the Auditing Committee and Board who are not applying for the positions for the next term. 
For now, the Elections Body consists of Kristina Chelmakina (myself) and Mike Shekhtmant (Rozhkov), Vasyl Babych is a non-active member of AudCom and is therefore not included in the body. Further on, I will stay as elections coordinator and if Mike Rozhkov submits manifesto to any position, he will be eliminated from the Elections Body to ensure the impartiality of the elections. 
​For any suggestions, please, address eypua.elections@gmail.com.
Good luck!​