For pupils & students

What do I gain by becoming an official member of EYP–Ukraine?

  • New status. You become an official representative of one of the most respected international youth NGO in Ukraine. You have an opportunity to present EYP-UA in your university/school, your city or even region (after an interview with Board Member).
  • Personification. You get a new plastic membership card with your personal number.
  • Recognition abroad. You can travel to International Sessions/ Forums and when you are selected we’ll provide you an official letters of support to the embassies (in order to facilitate your visa process)
  • Creation of a new EYP-UA history. You have a unique opportunity to vote and be voted for in the Board Elections and (with your personal number)
  • Access to new information. Stay turned and get interesting information via EYP-UA members mailing group (“Calls” – opportunities about EYP-events abroad, ”EYPigeon” – official EYP-UA newspaper, “Opportunity newsletter” – monthly research about non-EYP projects that you can participate in). You will be receiving updates and news regarding EYP–Ukraine and EYP as a whole.  
  • Personal development. Join one of EYP-UA departments, get responsible tasks and grow professionally.

Unique opportunities. Discounts for different courses and trainings.


How to become an official member of EYP Ukraine?

  1. Fill in application form.Take into account that in order to become an official member, you need to attend at least one EYP event in Ukraine or abroad (EYP Session, General Assembly, Understanding Europe courses etc.). *
  2. Pass the interview with the member of Human Resources Department.
  3. If your application form and interview is successful, you will need to sign the affirmation and pay membership fee(100 UAH, for one calendar year).

*If you do not have EYP experience yet, follow the calls to our events on the website, Facebook and Vkontakte. Participate in one of the events and apply for official membership.

For any additional questions, contact Human Resources Department via membership@eyp-ua.org