For teachers

The European Youth Parliament is possibly the most unique non-formal educational project your students can experience. The academic, political, social and emotional implications are guaranteed to enhance their education and personal maturation to a very gratifying extent. They benefit, your school benefits, their family, their peers, their teachers…

Your role as a teacher

Teachers play a vital role in supporting their students before, during and after EYP Sessions. During a national selection process in your country, your students will participate in a nation-wide competition to participate in the International Sessions of the EYP. Besides organisational matters, this can include topic organisation and preparation as well as coaching on public speaking, voice projection and personal presence.

EYP Sessions both on the national and international level also include a tailored programme for teachers. This usually includes thematic workshops, networking between teachers and a sightseeing programme.

During sessions, students communicate exclusively in the official languages of the EYP and therefore get an opportunity to put their language skills into practice both in academic discussions and social situations. The same applies to political knowledge and debating skills, which are both fostered within EYP. For all these reasons, many teachers value EYP as a unique opportunity for learning and self-development for young students.

What do I gain by joining EYP-Ukraine as a teacher?

  • Opportunity to attend trainings held by EYPers;
  • Attend official events of EYP-Ukraine;
  • Chance to go abroad for the International Sessions to accompany a delegation;

How do I join EYP-Ukraine as a teacher?

In order to join us, please write a letter to Board Member on Human Resources ( including the name of your school, your position and your contact information.