European Youth Parliament – Ukraine was officially registered as a youth NGO with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on February 18, 2002.
The members of the first Board were Olga Smyrnova – President of EYP-Ukraine, Vasyl Myroshnychenko and Klaudia Shevelyuk – vice-presidents.
For almost 15 years since its establishment EYP-Ukraine as just youth initiative and then official non-governmental organisation, has seen and empowered multiple generations of young Ukrainian leaders and is still doing that!
Former Presidents of EYP-Ukraine:
2000-2002 – Olga Smyrnova
2003-2004 – Vasyl Myroshnychenko
2005-2005 – Tetyana Poladko
2006-2007 – Oleksandra Andrusyk
2008-2010 – Oksana Andrusyak
2011-2011 – Kateryna Vynogradova
2012-2013 – Anna Suprunenko
2014-2014 – Yegor Vlasenko
2015-2015 – Kristina Chelmakina
More information about development of EYP-Ukraine throughout these years, please, check the Annual Reports of EYP-Ukraine by following the link to the Annual Reports.