How it feels like – to experience EYP for the first time

The Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine ended two weeks ago, and we are finally able to digest the information and the experience we’ve been through. For this, we have asked delegates, who participated in EYP Ukraine sessions for the first time, to share their experience with us. Here is what they had to say. 

Oksana Pylypiuk, Delegate to Vinnytsia, Odesa and Kyiv Regional Sessions: 

“Every person, who has been to any EYP session has their own story about how they found out what EYP is. Well, for me it was pretty simple. I heard about the first regional session of 2017 coming up from one of the organizers and, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be something very special that I desire to do later on. I was simply curious and desperate to skip couple more days of school. Hardly could I ever imagine that after applying as a delegate I will get so addicted to EYP. As I can assure anyone now – sessions bring a lot of diversity into your life. You meet people from all around Europe and have this brilliant chance to learn about their cultures. We live in the time, when people strive to become global citizens, so being able to easily adjust to new environments is precious and EYP greatly helps with gaining this skill. Besides, every session is special in its own way. I doubt that anyone, who took part in more than one can name a session, that is better than other, because all of them are so different from each other. Whether it is the topic, the General Assembly or Eurovillage, there always is something for everyone. In addition, it is crucial to be aware of our current world. EYP teaches about how complex Europe is, what some problems are and how to solve them. It allows us to develop our personalities, improve our communication, public speaking skills etc. Yet, the greatest thing that makes EYP highly memorable is the people. I don’t think that there are many places which have such an amiable atmosphere like this. As a saying goes, “We’re all in the train of love”, so I agree that EYP is where love and understanding take place. All in all, it must be said that the impression EYP leaves is a long-lasting one, the impact it makes is tremendous and positive. Consequently, it is worth every second.”


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~ Liuda Mosyichuk, Delegate to Odesa Regional Session: 

“I learnt about EYP in autumn 2016 and realized that I should become its part as quickly as possible. I found application for department members and immediately applied. Soon I got a letter about my admission and I was infinitely happy. From that moment my EYP way officially started.

I was a little bit sad when learnt that RS of EYP would be held only in April as it meant that I should wait for half a year. But I was looking forward to that moment as I was sure that sessions would be great. And they were.
Odesa Regional Session was my first. And though it was a month ago, I am full of pleasant impressions after the Session.
My trip to Odesa was very unusual. Surely I did not expect to see snow and wear winter clothes in April. But no weather could make that day and my mood worse.
After arrival, I went to the Marenero hotel. There I registered and tried to find my teammates. I felt really excited as everything there was new and unusual for me. At last I got acquainted with members of my team and saw that all of them were awesome people and I realized that our team would be the same. SEDE 1, love you all! 
The first day we played a lot of games, connected with teambuilding and discussed various situations. At that moment I realized that teamwork was not as easy as it seemed to be. Every person has its own point of view and sometimes it could be difficult to find a solution. But the first day was fun, cool and cognitive.
The next day teams discussed very important problems and wrote their resolutions. Comparing with the first day, the second was really hard. As you had to think analyze, learn, create, suggest. Sometimes I was sure that in few seconds my brain would burst out. But after intensive work we had wonderful rest – Eurovillage and a Rockstar party.
The last, third, day was called GA, or General Assembly. Every team presented its resolution and had to persuade other teams that this resolution is fabulous and had to be accepted. Though resolution of my team was failed, I was not sad at all. We would improve ourselves and achieve success during the next sessions.
I am so thankful to all Organizers of Odesa RS, as the hotel, meals, topics – everything was great. I can’t forget about Media team. I watch all the videos with the smile on my face, tears in my eyes and warmth in my heart. I am grateful to everyone, who has helped to make this session. Continue doing this as we need it.
Hope to see all of you soon!!!” 

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