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European Youth Parliament Regional session was hold in Lutsk

As part of the Spring Ukraine Regional Session during 8-10 April 2016 Lutsk hosted a three-day youth conference of the European Youth Parliament. Until that days, European Youth Parliament held exclusively weekends, two-day event, but this year started a three-day regional session,  widespread in Europe.

48 delegates from Poland, Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil regions for three days at the Eastern National University named after Lesya Ukrainka learned how to solve problems of Ukrainian integration into the European Union, the terrorist threat from ISIS, alternative energy sources and gender inequality in society.

In addition to Ukrainians, on the session was also attended moderators from Poland, Georgia and Belgium.

On the General Assembly day on April 10, participants demonstrated the results of their work and voted for pre-written resolution.

Some delegates shared their impressions:

Horoschak Catherine, 20, m. Ternopil

“After EYP session I had a very vivid impressions. I can not identify only one factor that played a major role. It is extremely interesting to work on a global problems and seek ways to solve it, feel the person who alters something in this world. Also very important is language of communication. Permanent usage of English prompts your brain to work faster, and new people discover new horizons. I’d like to continue to participate in the sessions of the EYP. I hope that eventually I will grow to national and international sessions. “

Yevgeniy Terentyev, 18, Ostrog

“Students and schoolchildren for 3 days were able to be MEPs. Some people I met on the EYP, made me a lasting impression. It was the combination of rational and and irrational –  teenage hormones did not prevent them to be responsible and prudent. “

After Lutsk regional session of the European Youth Parliament held in Sumy and Odessa.

In August, the National Selection Conference will be held in the city of

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