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By becoming an official member you gain:

New status.
You become an official representative of European Youth Parliament Ukraine everywhere – be it school, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your grandma house.

  • Membership card.
    A card with your personal number.
  • Recognition abroad.
    We provide you an official letter of support to the embassies for travelling abroad to International Session.
  • Legibility for elections.
    You can vote and be voted for in the Board Elections. For example, if you want to run for President you can only submit your vision if you have membership. 
  • E-mails with opportunities.
    We regularly send updates regarding EYP Ukraine and EYP network. We also send out emails with Open Calls and opportunities for education, job and travel from our partners.

Have participated in one
EYP Ukraine event

(EYP session, General Assembly, Training Camp, “Understanding Europe” training, Newcomers Weekend, etc.)

  1. E-mail us at hr@eyp-ua.org with “Membership in EYP Ukraine” as the letter topic.

    Please include your name, event history and few sentences about your motivation, we’re curious!

  2. Get email reply from Human Resources department.

  3. Upon successful application you will get a membership document to sign.

  4. Pay a membership fee of ₴150 (valid for 12 months)

Have not participated in any events of EYP Ukraine

(EYP session, General Assembly, Training Camp, “Understanding Europe” training, Newcomers Weekend, etc.)

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. Wait for a Human Resources department email reply. We’ll arrange an interview in a suitable time.
  3. Pass an interview.
  4. Sign a membership document
  5. Pay a membership fee of ₴150 (valid for 12 months with an opportunity to renew membership)

Your Human Resources Department

Further instructions on which document to sign and bank details will be given by HR Department