National Committee Management and Development training event

National Committee Management and Development (NCMD) training of the European Youth Parliament took place in Georgia (Kvareli) between 25th and 29th of November, 2015. The training was a part of BASES (Building A Strong European Society) project which is supported by German Federal Foreign Office. The event has gathered members of the National Committees of EYP from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine together with trainers from other National Committees.

National Committee of EYP – Ukraine was represented by Michael Shekhtman, current Vice President on Regional Development as a trainer and Oleksandr Ustymenko, Secretary of the Board Inna Shcherbyna, Board Member on International Activities , as well as Valeriya Yudina, future Board Member on Human Resources and Olga Doroshenko, member of Finance department as participants.


Trainers have conducted knowledge sharing on National Committee Management and Development. Each trainer prepared a module on different aspects of management and leadership. They have shared useful tips they use to manage such EYP activities of their NCs, as  creating  the strategy of the National Committee (NC). We are sure that all participants have found fresh ideas for the development of their NCs. Represented by participants countries have some common external problems, that is why knowledge sharing between them was also in place. Each evening participants had the opportunity to book the trainer within the team and ask specific questions, related to their NC.

The event also consisted of two parts: the training itself and creating the National Committee Management Guide, which will be soon issued. The Guide will be used for the further management and development of National Committee of EYP – Ukraine.

So, after the training participants received useful ideas on how to solve problems of their NCs. As NC of EYP – Ukraine was represented by members of different departments, they are eager to share and implement new ideas within their direction.  The training was motivating, interesting and useful. National Committee of EYP – Ukraine thanks EYP – Georgia for organising such an outstanding event.