National consultations for civic society organisations

On the 5th of December, in Kyiv, the National consultations for civic society organisations took place. The topic of the event was:  “How civic society organisations (SCO) can support the  implementation of global Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)?”. The event was organised by United Nations Office in Ukraine, UN Volunteers and Resource Centre “GURT”. The event was dedicated to International Volunteer Day and took place in many Ukrainian cities.

Valeria Yudina, elected Board Member on Human Resources, represented Ukraine on the event. Participants of the event were representatives of different NGOs and initiatives from manifold spheres. They were divided into four groups to choose and proof which goals are the most relevant for Ukraine. Three groups had two goals in common, which are “decent work and economic growth” and “peace, justice and strong institutions”. One of the group has also chosen the goal of “quality education”, which EYP – Ukraine as an educational program tries to reach. 
It was a pleasure to see that there are many civic society organisations in Ukraine, which try to reform and monitor all the public spheres. We believe that united efforts will help us to fulfil both national and global sustainable development goals!