Plan for 2018

This spring EYP Ukraine organises two regional sessions (RS) in southeast region in Zaporizhzhya and in the west region – Ternopil. Regional sessions last 3-4 days and gather about 70-100 participants including delegates, media team members, chairs team, and organisers. Students from local and foreign schools, universities aged 16-17 years old constitute the majority of the delegates. The remaining ones are youngsters between 18-22 years from Ukraine and other different European countries.

During the event delegates in the Сommittees discuss Europe’s challenges on the political, social, economic levels. Delegates are put in a non-formal setting to brainstorm solutions to global problems. They have an opportunity to freely express their opinion and find like-minded people. The product of a session is a Resolution – it contains solutions proposed by the members of each Committee. The last day happens in a parliamentary assembly, where Committees present and defend the resolutions, which contains the results of their work.

RS (Regional Session)


4-6th of May

RS (Regional Session)


11-13th of May        

NSC (National Selection Conference)               


10-14th of July

Training Camp           


22-26th of August                         

Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine held in 2018:

Ternopil RS – 4-6th of May.

Zaporizhzhya RS – 11-13th of May.


Chernihiv NSC – 10-14 of July.
The National Selection Conference (NSC) of EYP Ukraine in 2018 is going to happen between the 10th-14th of July in Chernihiv. The NSC lasts for 5 days and gathers around 100-130 participants. The aim of the session is to select its best delegates for the Ukrainian delegation, to represent Ukraine at the International Sessions and International Forums.


Training Camp – 22-26th of May
3d Training Camp of EYP Ukraine will be at the end of the summer this year between 22-26th of May in the Carpathians. During the 5 days, the experienced trainers will give the trainees knew valuable knowledge and skills in the field of leadership, project management, and national committee development. The event gathers about 100 participants from Ukraine and other European countries.



Lviv IF 2019

From 7th to 17th February of 2019 the International Forum of EYP Ukraine is going to take place in the west of Ukraine in cultural capital Lviv. The event will gather about 150 participants from all around Europe. The main topic of the Forum is Equality. Equality in everything for everyone. EYP Ukraine believes that this event will help to draw the public attention to the problems of discrimination in today’s society. 

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Understanding Europe Project –  1-2 days crash course proposed by the Schwarzkopf Foundation and the European Youth Parliament is 2009. Usually, the event happens at schools and gathers around 20 participants aged 15-17 years old. During the course, students get important knowledge about the competences of EU, its structure, and actors of EU, etc. We believe that along with the process of European Integration of Ukraine it is important to raise the awareness about EU and its values among the Ukrainian youth.

Throughout the year EYP Ukraine also makes training events such as newcomers weekend, chairs training, alumni reunion, media training, project management training, etc. The purpose of the events is an investment in the development of the youth from all over Ukraine and EYP Ukraine itself as well as giving the participants important skills, which will help them to be active persons in society and build their future. Mostly EYP Ukraine organises 15 training events per year with about 40 participants on each.

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