Post-relise of Zatoka RS

European Youth Parliament opens new opportunities for young people in Odesa region

21-24 April 2016  Zatoka held a three-day youth conference of the European Youth Parliament.

About 100 delegates from Cherkasy, ​​Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Mykolaiv regions and from Armenia for three days at the hotel “Eden” engaged in resolving problems regarding Ukrainian integration into the European Union, the terrorist threat from ISIS, alternative energy sources and gender inequality in society.

Besides Ukrainian attended the session moderators from Georgia, Belarus, Russia and Cyprus.

Some of the participants shared their impressions:

Limarenko Karina, 18, Cherkasy

“Zatoka Regional Session sparked countless positive experiences and emotions. Since “jumping” from brick to brick above the puddles and screaming  “Hurrah, we were able!” to tears at parting with people whose names are in the beginning it is difficult to remember. It is amazing how quickly we were able to become a team. First, all of the games offered by our “chairs”, perceived as just entertainment, but after a discussion of our actions and emotions, we understand how important it is to listen to others, to help those who need it and be able to work as a team. During the second and third days we have considered a number of important issues of our world, discussing urgent problems that need solving. We seemed plunged into childhood, when we first saw the sea. So thank you to all the organizers for such a wonderful and unpredictable session. “

Julia Golovan, 18, Kharkov

“For me, each session of EYP is special.

Zatoka Regional Session gave me a sea of ​​emotions and memories. There I met wonderful and interesting people with whom we continue to communicate after the session. In addition, when working in a team, I learned that I can do a lot more than I think.

I am grateful to all those people who have done everything to make this session took place! “

Happy and inspired delegates reluctantly parted with everyone and looking forward to the National Session to be held in Dnipropetrovsk later this year.

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