Protagonist forum in Bonn

Over November 20-22 current president of EYP-Ukraine Kristina Chelmakina has represented the NGO at the Protagonist forum in Bonn, Germany. Leaders of various NGOs from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany and Ukraine have come together to share their experience in the sphere of youth NGOs, the way all the NGOs unite within one country and they ways of their self-governance. 

Ukraine however, was represented not only by EYP-Ukraine but also by NGOs such as Euromaidan Civic Sector, Plast – the National Scout Organsiation of Ukraine and the Civici Initiatives Foundation. 
It is a pleasure for us to also remind that EYP-Ukraine is actively involved in the reform of youth politics of Ukraine thus participating in this type of events is of exceptional importance for organsiation’s development and its future participation in shaping future youth policy of Ukraine.