The Board Panel Meeting of EYP Ukraine

Оn April 27, 2016 the Board Panel Meeting of EYP Ukraine took place in the American Councils of International Education in Kyiv. The current Board members have presented the reports of the activity of each department for the past 4 months and answered the questions of the members, respective alumnis, as well as partners of EYP Ukraine who were present at the Meeting such as Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Ukraine (KAS).

Here you can watch and listen to presentations of all the Board Members, followed by answering the questions from the floor:

Here you can find the actual reports of each of the departments:

In case you will have any other questions according to the general strategy of EYP Ukraine this year or about activity of the particular department, please keep them till the next week.

On Monday (May 2, 2016) we will be launching the Reporting Week of the Board 2016 in the Social Networks (Facebook, Vkontakte), so you would have an opportunity to reach out us there.