Types of the sessions

Sessions are youth conferences and the main kind of activity for EYP-Ukraine, becoming a platform for active discussions and informal education and bringing together young people from all over Ukraine and Europe. They can be held on different levels: from two-day EYP-Weekends to two-week International Sessions.


Regional sessions of the European Youth Parliament are held throughout the year in different parts of Europe and gather usually nearly 70-100 participants (delegates, journalists and chairpersons) from different European countries. During 4-5 days delegates in international committees discuss political, economic, social and cultural issues that are on agenda of the relevant committees of the European Parliament. The result of the session is a Resolution, which contains ideas and solutions, discussed in committees and approved at the General Assembly of the session.


National Selection Conference (National Session) of EYP-Ukraine occurs once a year and aims to select its best participants for the Ukrainian delegation, which will represent EYP Ukraine at International Sessions. National Selection Conference usually lasts 4-5 days, during which delegates work in committees discussing political, economic, social and cultural issues that are on agenda of the relevant committees of the European Parliament. National Sessions usually gather 100-130 participants, together with international committee chairpersons, journalists and the board of the session.


International Forum is an event, which last up to 7 days and gathers near 150 delegates in one of the EYP countries. The National Committee may decide whether to conduct an International Forum or not. Applications for International Forum are collected by the Vice-President on International Activities and submitted directly to the organising team.


International Sessions in autumn, spring and summer are known to be the most important and expected EYP events of the year. It is a 10-days youth conference which gathers approximately 230 delegates, 30 teachers, 30 chairpersons (moderators) and journalists from 39 National Committees to discuss and resolve the urgent European issues.
National Committees select their delegations to autumn and spring International Sessions during National Selection conferences held locally. Summer International Sessions are attended only by EYP alumni – delegates from previous International Sessions.