What is a Department and should you join it?

Hello! If you’re reading this, the call for Members of Departments 2017-18 has been officially opened.
Your first reaction might be: “What is a Department” and “What does it have to do with EYP Ukraine”?

You see, EYP Ukraine as an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has a democratic structure that allows for distributed and balanced work to be conveyed – we have a President, the Auditing Committee, Secretary of the Board, Project Coordinator and The Board (with 5 Members). 

Some Board Members have a wide range of responsibilities and are willing to acquire volunteers to make sure the organizationion is up and running and does its best to achieve its goals, such as: spread democracy, empower youth. In short – organize events, like Sessions or Weekends or Training. Deparments are core structures that allow EYP Ukraine activity to happen – everything that is going on behind the scenes is coordinated by Departments.

Briefly, there are currently 5 Departments you can apply to:

Department title, responsible Board Member

Responsibilities, briefly

Public Relations
Nick Storchay

  • Design of graphical material (logos, booklets);
  • Printed and wearable product design & management;
  • Managing the official website;
  • Writing articles & publishing interviews;
  • Managing and growing corporate pages in social networks;
  • Preparing and sending press announcements and press releases;

International Activities
Dzvinka Koman

  • Coordinating Ukrainian delegations to any EYP events abroad;
  • Assisting international participants coming to EYP Ukraine events;
  • Advising on Visa & travel support.

Human Resources
Lesia Pogorila

  • Managing member database;
  • Organising trainings;
  • Recruiting new members;
  • Accounting of regular membership fee payments;
  • Moderating mailing groups;
  • Holding EYP presentations.

Finance Department
Nastya Samliukova

  • Searching for grant opportunities and filling them
  • Maintains contacts with companies and NGOs
  • Establishing new partnerships with sponsors including cold calls, official correspondence, and meetings 

Regional Development
Khrystyna Myhasiuk

  •  Conduct low scale events of EYP Ukraine (EYP Day, presentations, debates, training)
  • Maintain good connections with local schools and as well as develop new ones
  • Manage teacher engagement within EYP Ukraine framework
  • Systematize the work with local NGOs& communities
  • Coordinate active EYPers in the regions and further support their activity

As you can see, each Department is special in its own way. In EYP we like to do things differently, thus by being a Department member you likely to contribute in ways unimaginable to yourself. The more time you devote to work in Department the faster your skills improve, be it communicating with other people or creating an outstanding Session logo design. Your opportunities are immense as you are always encouraged to share your vision with the Board Members. Being a Member of a Department allows you to always be aware of the best opportunities both in Ukraine and abroad in education and cooperation. 

You can find the visions of each Board Member on how they are going to lead their teams in the Application Form, please do not hesitate to contact us in case any questions arise.

Deadline to submit your application is 12th November 23:59 EET (Kyiv time)
During the week each Board Member will post a video explaining their vision, stay update on our Facebook page and Instagram blog