Why do i Chair in EYP?

Hello-hello! For many people, the concept of EYP has been one-sided for a long time. You’ve enjoyed the participation in EYP events as a Delegate but there’s a whole world. Chairing is a unique experience, a vital part of EYP as a learning platform. Being a chairperson is a responsibility before delegates and an opportunity for personal growth.

We’ve asked a few EYPers with varied level of experience, what is chairing to them and what it broight to their lives.


Meet Mariam

Credits to Patricia Azevedo

I truly enjoyed my experience as a delegate of various EYP events, yet it was during my first time as a Chairperson, when I realized how complex and challenging it is to lead a group of people into the world of EYP and ensuring the best experience for them. I think the moment I’ve gathered these 10 lost individuals in a circle to learn each other’s names, I realized the power I am holding and how vital it is to direct this power into the right direction. It is when you see these newcomers go through new for them experience, and it is when you observe their development and discoveries during the session, which makes you truly appreciate your function as a Chairperson and the importance of every step you introduce your committee to.


Meet Dima

Taken by Anna Gurariy and post-processed by J Nathaniel Čamaj

So far I’ve chaired only once at EYP session, but that experience was truly unique! I felt like it was one big lesson for me and every minute I was learning something new. Starting from the teambuilding activities, I faced my own fails, and therefore, I had to quickly manage and break through the crises I created myself. At first, I wasn’t confident and I struggled with authority. But later on, thanks to the Board and buddy group meetings, I started gaining more control under myself, and therefore, the committee as well. And eventually, during the GA, I felt like the fish in the water. I can describe my first chairing experience as a stairway. I’ve become more confident and definitely more experienced in terms of team-leading skills. After the session I’m more aware of my strong and low sides. And now, I can’t wait to go to the next session to challenge myself once again and who knows, maybe this stairway could lead me to the heaven?



Meet Illia

Credits to Maria Kovalchuk, Alexandra Yaroshevich and Ania Rejman

Being a chairperson means discovering new worlds, but what is more important – further developing them. Every delegate is unique and they always have their own precious experience to share, may it be the one related to the topic of your committee or routine one. However, most of them come to the EYP with the lack of self-confidence, being afraid of making public speeches etc. And you are the one to lead them through their difficulties and help them combat their fears! You are the one to help them discover their inner worlds and further develop them. Moreover, your work does not stop after the end of the session. Even when you let them work alone, moving into shadow or after saying goodbye, you must still be able to give your helping hand to them in any issue of their daily routine. Sociology, pedagogy, time management, psychology, emotional support, speechmaking and leadership skills. Those are only a few aspects of the work of a chairperson, which you can practice when chairing a committee. Develop yourself by developing others!


What’s next?

Well, opportunities await! In EYP Ukraine there’s always time for growing, developing and trying out something new. Discover the role of chairperson in 2018 at EYP Weekends and (soon) Regional Sessions in Zaporizhia, Ternopil and a National Selection Conference in Chernihiv!

Why, Where to apply? 
 2 CJO days 
Ukrainian Culture
 Start your 2018 with a legendary session 

EYP Ukraine Weekend in Sumy (18/01/2018 – 21/01/2018)
President: Yulia Koba
Apply: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/eyp-ukraine-weekend-sumy

EYP Ukraine Weekend in Poltava (25/01/2018 – 28/01/2018)
President: Kārlis Krēsliņš
Apply: https://www.members.eyp.org/eve…/eyp-ukraine-weekend-poltava

EYP Ukraine Weekend in Kyiv (1/02/2018 – 4/02/2018)
President: Liza Skorobreshchuk
Apply: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/eyp-ukraine-weekend-kyiv

Presidential visions: https://issuu.com/eypukraine/docs/png2pdf

🔴 Deadline: 12th December