Workshop in Munich on Media Literacy

Experts in the field of education discussed the opportunities and risks of social media for the personal communication and considered its impact on the yoгth during the conceptual workshop in Munich, on May 15-16. 

Today, the social media has a huge influence on our lives, particularly, on our perception of things. There is a great threat today coming from the fake news, that become more popular and widespread. Though young people spend a lot of time on the social networks, the majority of them is unable to distinguish fake news and from the real ones. That is why Goethe-Institut Ukraine together with the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung gathered experts in Munich in order to develop audiovisual and other educational materials to help pupils and students avoid the negative effect of the social networks.

The aim of the training content is to teach people, particularly, youth how to find features that indicate that news item is fake or propagandistic, whether it be in the article or video. 

As young experts in the field of education trainers of the Understanding Europe Crash Course from different countries (Ukraine, Germany, and Armenia) were invited. The representative of Ukraine was a trainer from Kyiv Nino Kvaratskheliia. Young expert shared her experience of working with pupils in the school and talked about the awareness of the young people in Ukraine on this topic. 

The workshop was very productive and interesting. Another meeting is planned to be done in September in Kyiv, where the final discussions on the audiovisual and educational materials will be considered. 

We are looking forward to hearing the final results of the workshop and implementing developed materials on practice in schools with the help of our dedicated young trainers of the Understanding Europe Crash Course.

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